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Outdoor Picnic Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie: A Must Have Gift For Any Parent

Are you tired of laying down your baby on the ground with a blanket yet moisture will still leak? The newly presented outdoor water-resistant blanket helps you and your baby to get rid off from undesirable wetness. Manufacturers of superior quality baby products, Freddie and Sebbie present this Outdoor Blanket that locks the wet away from your baby, apart from what the baby produces on his own.

Outdoor Blanket

This is especially created so that you enjoy your family bonding together with your baby without worrying that your pants will get wet.

"Never again will you have to sit down and wonder if you're going to stand up with wet pants". According to the creator of the outdoor blanket Neil Speight Co-Founder of Freddie and Sebbie, “With this type of durable blanket, you can sit and get up anytime with dry clothes. "You can lay the baby down for a nap and he'll get up as dry as when he laid down, except for his diaper."

Wherever you may go, you can ensure to carry this luxury outdoor blanket with water proof backing the fact that this blanket is portable enough. Be it at home, in the back yard, at the beach, on the bleachers at a ball game, or in a cold building, you can bring this as a cover.

The blanket can be seen at Amazon.com. “When we were looking at a good waterproof outdoor blanket, we wanted something that you can use inside or outside, something to take to the stadium as well as a picnic," Neil explained. He also stressed out that "It must look good as well as be tough enough to stand up to family use." The soft leather carry handle has a pair of buckle straps that secure it.

- Waterproof luxury

- It has soft leather thus it can be comfortable to carry.

- Made by hand - Large 78-inch x 55-inch area when unfolded

- Toss in any washing machine to clean

- Rolls up for easy carrying

- Lifetime no hassle replacement guarantee from Freddie and Sebbie

The PEVA backing will definitely not let any water get through it because this is handmade with 100% polyester and an acrylic foam interior for comfort. The durable construction still provides utmost comfort but will not rip or tear like cheaper models. Quality is always atop of Freddie and Sebbie This way, you will have quality once you place an order," Neil said. Exclusively offered by Amazon, you can now buy your own Freddie and Sebbie outdoor blanket with water-resistant backing.

If you would like to learn more information and the ordering procedure just visit at Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Blanket-Chequered-Guaranteed-Guarantee/dp/B00CLAZLN8/

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