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BizRooms Offers Cashback On Business Travel, Hotel And Accommodation

London, UK, 4th January 2014: how about earning some cash when you hire hotel accommodation? This may look to be very intriguing to you but you can actually earn cash when you are away attending your company business where you are employed and can also get cashback offers on others such as travel and hotel expenses. This is a great offer to people who are regularly away travelling to attend business dealings on behalf of the establishments they are associated with on salary basis. You may ask why they would offer you cash when you rent hotel rooms or travel tickets. It is very simple and straightforward and a great business tact that allow businesses to generate more business.

BizRooms is a private club that offers its member incentives, in the form of cashback offers when they hire hotel accommodation, buy travel tickets and use restaurants through them. This offer is specially muted for members who often go on business travels, spend on hotel accommodation and food. By referring your travels requirements to hotels, restaurants and travel companies they get paid commissions which they in turn offer it to their members. This cashback offer is extended to employed people who travel on company’s expense and the cashback money is directly paid into the individual’s account.

This is an incentive in the real sense because it does not attract any tax liabilities under the tax laws in the UK because it is paid to you individually and not by your company’s name. As you must be aware under IR35 the cashback money would have been liable for tax deduction if it would have been under the company name. BizRooms also transfers the cashback money electronically it is absolutely legal and safe. Business travels are always considered as a bonus because employees are offered the opportunity of traveling to different places on company’s expense. By using the BizRooms services to buy travel accommodation and food a business traveler stands to gain another bonus in the form of cashback.

Now you must be curious to know whether any membership fee is associated with the entire deal. With BizRooms there is no such thing as an upfront fee but the day you make a buy through their services you may have to pay a day fee of just £1.00 and the amount is deducted with the purchase. So there is no annual fee for your membership to the club and you can always use the club’s services by paying the day fee on every purchase you make. Sounds good, is not it?

If you are inclined for a membership with BizRooms you can always call them on 08700 342234 or put a query on their website http://www.bizrooms.co.uk/ where you would require to fill your name, phone number and email address. You can expect an immediate response from the media contact with whom you can have a detailed conversation or an email detailing the terms of the membership. Well, if you are employed and travel often on company business here is your opportunity to earn extra cash by way of cashback offers.

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BizRooms is a private club that offers cashback to its members when they use its services to buy hotel accommodations, food and travel tickets during business travel.

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Person Contact: Mr. P Walsh,
Company: BizRooms
Website: http://www.bizrooms.co.uk/

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