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SeoDude presents the latest SEO services for their clients

The United States of America, January 11, 2014: In the present age of multimedia and the Internet, business can be made or broken online. Presence of business firms on the web is an unofficial necessity. However, rapid increase of websites has created difficulty for web-surfers in searching the source of information or point of transaction. Search Engines facilitate the search requirements of specific individuals. However to rank better in the search results, companies are making every effort to improve their Search Engine Optimization. There are numerous SEO agencies in the World. Some of them provide global SEO while others offer affordable local SEO service. SeoDude is an American SEO company involved in all levels of the optimisation service. 

SeoDude offers its service under 4 separate categories, which ensure that different requirements of different customers can be met. The local SEO package is the most favourite among the customers. Subscribers of this plan are provided advanced keyword research on citywide-scale, on-site SEO set-up, thorough analysis of competition, high-quality link building, creation of video on YouTube, social media set-up, creation of landing page for free and Google Places SEO. As an assurance of effective result, SeoDude offers price-refund guarantee against failure to reach 1st page of Google search-results. All the service and the subsequent result cost $499 per month. 

There are 2 higher plans – National SEO and Extreme SEO at the rate of $899 per month and $1700 per month respectively. Barring the keyword research, services under National and Extreme plans are same as those included in Local plan. As it seems, advanced nationwide keyword research is provided to subscribers of national package while Extreme package subscribers enjoy ultimate research for toughest keywords. For small businesses and start-up enterprises, Starter plan offers affordable SEO at $199. It encompasses quality link building, competition analysis and on-site SEO set-up but basic keyword research for 2 keywords. Obviously, visibility on the 1st page of Google search-results is not guaranteed, which is why Local SEO is preferred to Starter plan. 

Many clients of SeoDude had switched multiple SEO agencies before they came across SeoDude. The switches made by those enterprises reveal the scarcity of good SEO services. Many of them are clients of SeoDude since years because of effective service and affordable SEO charges of the company. Most of the customers found their website on the 1st page of Google search-results within 2 weeks from their subscription. The company extends its services and guarantees results for both overall and local SEO which have been top reasons behind client-favouritism that SeoDude enjoys. Not only have their official websites reached the 1st page of Google, it has been made possible through highly affordable SEO, which has gradually become the USP of SeoDude. 

About SeoDude: 

Website: http://affordableseo.me 

SeoDude is an American SEO company. It provides rigorous SEO services at low cost and with guarantees results. It offers local SEO for small enterprises while extensive services are also available for international companies.

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