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New Mass And Strength Gainer From Activate Nutrition

UK-based sports nutrition company Activate Nutrition recently unveiled a brand new ‘signature product’ called Mass and Strength Gainer (MSG) which is designed to help athletes with their fitness goals in the gym.

MSG, which is essentially a weight gainer protein shake, provides a tried-and-tested blend of high-quality ingredients to help users maximise size and strength gains.

Per 140g, MSG provides an enormous 1,000 calories, comprising 50g protein, 88g complex carbohydrates, 36g fat, and a whole range of other useful ingredients such as fibre and many amino acids.

MSG, which is suitable for everyone from professional athletes looking to improve their performance to part-time gym goers looking for added muscle, comes in five delicious flavours: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana, and chocolate chip cookie.

A spokesperson for Activate Nutrition said: “We are very excited about the release of our new Mass and Strength Gainer.

“We have worked hard to ensure our signature weight gainer contains only the highest quality ingredients, such as oats and waxy maize, and good fats, such as Omega-6, MCTs, EFAs, and no saturated fat.

“This quality matrix is thus perfect for those looking to pile on slabs of muscle and accelerate strength gains.

“What’s more, we’re looking forward to rolling out similar high-quality products over the coming year, so remember to keep your eyes peeled on the Activate Nutrition website!”

Mass and Strength Gainer comes in a 4kg tub and retails for only £32.99 - which offers industry-leading value-for-money.

Activate Nutrition also offers fast dispatch on all orders and free delivery to customers residing in the United Kingdom.

For more information on Activate Nutrition – or to shop its range of sports nutrition products – visit the website at http://www.activatenutrition.co.uk . Alternatively, to connect further with the company, follow Activate Nutrition on its various social media profiles for timely updates and special deals.

About Activate Nutrition:

Activate Nutrition is a market leading sports nutrition company based in the UK. It specialises in muscle and fitness supplements such as ZMA, Diet Whey, Tribulus Terrestris, and Creatine Ethyl Ester. All products are of the highest quality and are tested to ensure they meet ISO 9001 standards.

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