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Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Limited Manufacturers of Fibre Optical Cable Machinery

Shanghai, China; 28/01/2014: Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Limited has been operating in the field of fibre optical cable machinery for more than fifteen years. The fiber optic cable equipment from the company is of superior quality and highly automatic as well as high working speed. The company has joint ventures with another reputed company named Tongding Group. The high quality and performance of the fibre optic equipment manufactured by the company makes it one of the leaders in the industry. Such is the demand for optic equipment made by the company that, its annual production volume goes over US $ 30 million. The huge experience along with expertise in the field helps Shanghai Weiye OFC to deliver its clients with quality equipment every time.

The company also manufactures the FTTH cable production line which is generally used for the manufacture of FTTH cable. The FTTH (Fibre to The Home) cable helps to bring digital television, high speed networking and telephone service to homes. Fibre optic cabling is presently considered to be the best and most efficient technology for high quality, high speed residential area networking. Some of the other products from the company include filter colouring and rewinding machine, secondary coating line, optic fibre ribbon line, sheeting line and more. FTTH helps with the expansion of communication networks in several different ways.

Another product from the extensive production line of the company is the tight buffer production line which is primarily used for the manufacture of dry tube and tight buffer. The production line includes 30mm extruder, pre-heating device, fibre pay-offs, blow dryer, cooling system, belt capstan, diameter gauge and more. The tight buffered cables are mostly used as indoor cables and are easy to connect. The difficulty with these cables is that they do not offer adequate protection against water migration. All the equipment manufactured by Shanghai Weiye OFC conforms to the highest standards of quality and performance.

The company has its own manufacturing plant with an overall space of over four thousand square meters. The manufacturing plant of the company consists of welding workshop, operating workshop, electric components assembling workshop, surface treating workshop, test running and debug workshop as well as mechanical components workshop. The company has a manpower of more than ninety people which consists of experienced technicians and engineers. Most of them have vast experience in the industry and well aware of the different aspects of fibre optic cable machinery manufacturing process. Majority of equipment manufactured by the company are highly preferred by different industries around the world. The optimum performance, reliability and efficiency ensure a steady work flow process.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Limited:

URL: http://www.weiye-ofc.com/en/

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Limited is a company based in China that specializes in the making as well as research of high class fibre optic cable machinery.

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