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Matthew Rice, A.K.A. Enur Requiem’s Music Is An Artistic Expression Of Deep Emotional Content

Cumming, Georgia, January 31, 2013: The music of Enur Requiem is simple yet complex; pre-engineered yet natural-sounding; a variety of seemingly contradictory elements all at once. Perhaps this is because multi-instrumentalist Matthew Rice understands music theory and fundamentals, but writes lyrics devoid of any ambiguity. Rice uses basic music theory as the backbone of his art, much like all of the English language uses the same 26 letters. 

As an artist, Rice is the apex of a DIY artist. He does his own songwriting, recording, and producing. His natural propensity for experimentation results in an overall sound that comes across as progressive, and at times, psychedelic. His systematic approach to recording produces a unique sound that is never repetitive and always shifting. "Time And The Wind/River" is a brilliant illustration of how Rice uses his knowledge of underlying music theory to create a sound that diverges from basic artistic archetypes. 

Currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other online music outlets, "Time And The Wind/River" was recorded in a home studio using Pro-Tools and Riftworks. The album represents Rice’s foray into home recording, and listeners can hear the original recording of the track "Red Sun Rose", which was initially recorded using a laptop microphone. Incorporating elements of rock, alternative, psychedelic, and metal, "Time And The Wind/River" is scattered with love ballads that highlight the complexity of human emotion using seemingly simplistic composition. 

For more information on Matthew Rice and his unintentionally psychedelic sound, check out his artist page on Reverbnation (www.reverbnation.com/musician/mattrice) or his MTV artist page (www.mtv.com/matthewrice). 

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