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So what exactly is local SEO?

The simplest way to describe what local Search engine optimization is to put forward a typical scenario and from this you will most probably know if your company should be making use of it. In short, if you are a business primarily based within a city or town and you target local people then it is perhaps that you require a local Search engine optimisation solution. 

Search engines like Google are “answer machines” - that is their intention is to offer the people who are using them the best possible answer for the search queries they are being given. So if you were to type in a bunch of words (keywords) into a Google or Bing which would give the search engine some idea as to your intentions with regard to goods or services that could be located in or around the local area to the place you are geographically in or searching against, then the search engines could return the most relevant search results intended for those terms. 

Sometimes this may perhaps include geographical references such as “Warrington” or “Chester” in their search terms. So we will employ the phrase "Plumbers Chester" as a scenario. If you typed this into the search engines then you should get a return comparable to this: 

These results are different than the results above and to the side of them which are either paid for search terms (see Pay Per Click) or what is known as “organic” listings. Local Search engine optimisation results are organic as well but they are specifically geared at giving the user the most relevant local result as opposed to a national one. 

User Intent 

Search engines operate sophisticated formulae to figure out exactly what you mean when you search for something. Take the instance above, if you are logged into Google when you perform your keyword search then if we were to miss out part of the phrase that references the location, i.e. “Chester”, and if you were to perform the search simply for “builders” or anything like this, the search engine would bring back those local services based on the place where you carried out the search from. 

This is because Google expend a lot of effort trying to figure out what your intentions are when you type in a search phrase. You can have a go at this any time you like as an experiment. If as an example you type in a word such as “installers” (without the quotes) and see what your results are. Try the same experiment if you find yourself in a different city or town and see what you get. 

We can bring you online success 

If you are a local business and you target local customers then local Search engine optimisation might be for you. The initial step is to tell the search engines that you are a local business and we are able to perform this for you. By doing this we are telling the search engines that your company is a local one and that your business wants to appeal to local customers. From here we will market your business to the most relevant parts found on the Internet on your behalf this will ensure that when people are given those best local search results and it is our job to make sure your business features near the top of these search results. As a side effect of this brand awareness that we undertake you will also gain rankings in the general organic listings too. 

Want local Search engine optimization but don't have a shop? 

And of course you may be a local business but you do not want your address to appear in the local search results. This may be true for a number of reasons, we understand you would like to keep these details away from the public. This is ok, there are many other tricks up our sleeve which we will be happy to undertake for you in order to ensure that you still get the customers that you want for your business. to get. We'd love to speak to you, let's start our relationship today, please call or email us so we can talk about how we can get you more customers. 

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://seowigan.net

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