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“AnyPoll” Makes it Easy to Generate Answers and Measure Public Opinion Quickly

Los Angeles, CA: Are you interested in deciding whether or not to go on a date? Do you have a new business idea and wonder if people would be interested in buying it? Perhaps you are wondering what to have for an evening meal? Could it be that you need a place to go on vacation and want to hear from others before deciding about your destination? These are all well and good questions, and whether small or large issues, they can be answered quickly through a simple online poll called: AnyPoll


AnyPoll is a way to poll people for answers on anything. Much like social media, AnyPoll gives users free reign. Pick a topic, pose a question, and let the greater world choose. The portal is accessible to all, and to make it more effective, poll questions can be updated from not only the Anypoll website, but also from social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter. Further, it can be accessed by mobile phones for those who wish to gain access to the public data on the go. 

Various poll categories are available for users ranging from technology to fashion to movies and more. There are also easy-to-use apps available for Android and iOS so users can load questions remotely. All choices are loaded and instantly available. There is no down time or waiting. Results are posted as users begin to vote. 

The best part about AnyPoll is the way users can win prizes and products. Each posted poll is judged on certain criteria, including quality and legitimacy. Points are awarded, and these points are redeemable for FREE gifts including: 

* XBox One Console
* Apple iPad 2
* Exercise Equipment
* Appliances
* MacBook Pro
* and HDTVs

There are polls about virtually anything, and there is a ranking system for the most popular polls of all time. Politics, travel, and preferences in food and drink dominate the majority, but anyone can have a poll about anything. Through a simple voting system on the website, complete and comprehensive results of the public opinion are generated and displayed, with demographics such as gender, age group, geographic zone, time voted and platform used for voting to aid the research. 

AnyPoll is the brainchild of Sunny Smart Labs, an innovative digital arts and interactive multimedia company based in Los Angeles. Their goal is to revolutionize the polling process and allow individual users to contribute ideas to the discussion on a personal level. "Users may post their comments and opinions below any poll results to share their thoughts about the issue," said Sunny Smart Lab President Christopher H.K. Lee. "The system also allows users to post images and relevant YouTube videos as a reference to the poll." 

This app is sure to be popular with the public, but businesses should be sure to cash in on the extraordinary opportunity here, as well. There has never been a more organized, user-friendly way to measure public opinion- FAST. AnyPoll is game-changer for the way we learn about public sentiment. 

More information, including current hot polls and how to get started is available at the website: www.anypoll.net 

About Sunny SMART LAB: 

Sunny SMART LAB is a Research and Development company of digital arts and technology, interactive media, humanities theme and filming. We aim to harness the transformative power of digital technologies to stimulate innovative engagements and research co-production between academics researchers and professionals. 

Media Contact:
Christopher H.K. Lee
Los Angeles, California
Phone: 213.925.3003
Email: chris@sunnysmartlab.com

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