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AlogiA Signs with Miner Records

Power Progressive Metal Band ALOGIA has signed with the renowned Miner Records, home of the best and talented. The news doesn't stop there.

Metal Band

AlogiA is also releasing their new video "Vreme Je" from their upcoming album Elegia Balcanica that debuts in September 2014. Fans can listen to two tracks that are available on YouTube.


"This is exciting news for us that we wanted to share with our fans and supporters. We want to thank all of our loyal fans who have been with us for the past 13 years or if you just fell in love with our music," said Srdjan Brankovic, who is also the founder of the project Expedition Delta (Gary Wehrkamp, Andrea De Paoli, Borislav Mitic, Nikola Mijic, Rene Merkelbach, Richard Andersson, Alex Argento and many others) and who also played as guest on last Shadow Gallery's album!

"The album is recorded in the Serbian language, so far, but we are thinking about a solution to record an English version, too. Anyway, if you like traditional prog/power metal music, you will love this. It will also have a little dose of Balkan atmosphere that makes it sound more authentic."

Power progressive metal band AlogiA realizes music that rocks; and it doesn't just rock in Serbia. It rocks around the world. Formed in 2000 by Serbian brothers Miroslav and Srdjan Brankovic both on guitars. The rest of band consists of Nikola Mijic on vocals, Vladimir Djedovic on keyboards, Vladimir Ranisavljevic on bass guitar and Srdjan Golubica drums.

Their raw music translates into any culture. They've gained such a following in England and the US that they've translated their first album into English, and are working on a English version of their upcoming work as well.

The group has opened for bands such as Whitesnake, Apocalyptica, Savatage, and Paul Di Anno, and has played many big Shows as headliners as well.

They also played in Festivals (Exit, Hendrix Fest, Hard'n'Heavy) that gathered audiences of more than 30,000 people.

Now the band is preparing their long-awaited new album, Elegia Balcanica, due to be released in September 2014 which will be distributed worldwide.

The CD will be available throughout all the major CD stores and e-markets on line.

With the group's signing to Miner Records the world can expect bigger and better things from AlogiA.

"We're just getting started. This new deal with Miner Records gives us a chance to take our music to the next level and satisfy the urgings our fans have for music that rocks their world, speaks to their mind and jolts their soul. That's the kind of music AlogiA makes," said Mr. Brankovic.


• Power progressive metal band
• Founded by Serbian Brothers Miroslav and Srdjan Brankovic both on guitars. Also includes
o Nikola Mijic on vocals
o Vladimir Djedovic on keyboards
o Vladimir Ranisavljevic on bass guitar
o Srdjan Golubica drums
• The band has opened for bands such as Whitesnake, Apocalyptica, Savatage, and Paul Di Anno, and has played many big Shows as headliners as well
• Excellent reviews from the press
• Appearances on numerous TV and radio shows
• Huge festivals like Exit, Hendrix Fest, and Hard'n'Heavy, which have gathered audiences of more than 30, 000 people.
• Previous Live and Studio Albums
o Price o vremenu (Tales of Time) – 2002
o Price o zivotu (Tales of Life) – 2004
o Secret Spheres of Art (English version of the first album) – 2005
o Price o vremenu i zivotu (Live at SKC) – 2006 (Live DVD)
o Price o vremenu i zivotu (2007)
o Price o snovima (Tales of Dreams) – 2012 (Live CD)
o Elegia Balcanica – September 2014
• Collaborations and b-side projects
o Expedition Delta
o Shadow Gallery
o Lunar Pocket
o Eden's Curse
o Despot.

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