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Courier Firms Can Take Advantage of Online Shopping Boom

05 February, 2014: Courier companies play a vital role in delivering goods for customers who shop online. This Christmas, more records were broken as more people bought goods online instead of in the high street – many people even shopped online on Christmas Day to take advantage of the early sales. 

Online shopping – the way of the future 

As more people buy online, it is becoming more important than ever for customers to enjoy rapid – and safe – delivery of their products, by having their goods delivered by courier companies offering a high-quality delivery service. 

Deliveries are one of the biggest areas of concern for shoppers who buy online. That's according to Which?, who reported in 2013 that a third of complaints by online shoppers were related to problems with deliveries (after surveying 14,000 people). 

Common problems that shoppers complained about when it came to the delivery service included items arriving damaged, arriving late or even not arriving at all. Some shoppers complained about items being left in inconvenient places, and others said that there is often not enough choice when it comes to choosing a delivery slot. 

Which? warned that a good online shopping experience could be ruined by a problem with the delivery. This is important for courier firms providing a delivery service for online stores. No online retailer wants to lose customers due to a delivery problem out of their control, and courier firms could therefore lose contracts if they do not provide a high-quality service. 

Unfortunately, courier firms did not do well in the Which? rankings of delivery services, so this is an area where companies can focus to improve their service. Courier companies play a vital role in deliveries for online shoppers, but they must ensure a consistent level of service, this much is clear. 

Online shopping is already very popular and is only going to grow over the coming years. A good delivery experience can improve satisfaction for customers, and courier firms are perfectly placed to take advantage of the online shopping boom – but only if they consistently provide a high-quality service. 

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