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Menorca – A Top Destination for Kayaking

While many would consider Menorca their first choice when looking for a relaxing sun kissed break lazing in authentic Spanish villas and watching the world go by, perhaps not everyone would consider it an ideal kayaking destination! But one enthusiastic British journalist declares it to be just that. 

Journalist Rachel Dixon from The Guardian travelled to Menorca on a mission to paddle her way around the island. While the longer journey to circumnavigate the entire island would take up to 10 hours paddling a day for around 10 days, due to time constraints, Dixon chose to complete just a section. "We decided that a shorter section of the route would give us enough time to find our very own stretch of sand – while leaving us enough energy to enjoy it," she said. 

Even though Dixon had some experience in sea kayaking, her companion had none, but this proved to be no handicap. They began their expedition in Es Grau, in the north east of the island and set off, ending up (after three days) near Cala Galdana – a popular resort with tourists renting Spanish villas for their summer getaway. 

While Dixon documented her experience in a story for The Guardian, she said that three days had not been enough to do justice to the natural beauty of the island. "Another time, perhaps – Menorca's coastline is far too fascinating to explore in just three days." She did note, however, that sea kayaking is an activity on the island that can be enjoyed by anyone renting Spanish villas there and staying for a while. "Even complete beginners can find something to suit them: Fornells, for example, is a large, sheltered bay on the north of the island, with flat water perfect for first-timers." 

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