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Rapid Art Brings their Bronze Foundry & Bronze Casting Skills for Creating Custom Bronze Statues

06 February, 2014: Scuplting bronze often requires a higher level of skill sets, and only experienced and dedicated artists can create flawless bronze sculptures with superb finishes. Rapid Art now introduces their Bronze Foundry where they can give shape to sculptures, art pieces and architectural marvels that can exactly match the client’s requirements. With over two decades of experience in creating bronze sculptures, they now assure of creating bronze statues of any size. Moreover, with their superior Bronze Casting abilities, they can create bronze art pieces of any design with a desired degree of variation and complexity. 

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have been supplying bronze sculptures to various sculptors, artists, designers, architects and others, and always been appreciated for their great works. According to him, the demand for custom bronze statues is rapidly growing these days, and they can deliver bronze statutes matching the same dimension or specifications exactly. “Our workers understand the importance of a custom statue and work hard to deliver the statue that can help win the client’s appreciation,” the spokesperson states. 

Rapid Art has a modernized casting facility where they give shape to various statutes and art pieces. Moreover, they pay special attention to the finishing so that the final product can exactly touch the client’s heart. “We always endeavor to create the bespoke sculpture that can speak about its marvelous creation itself. We focus even on the minutest detailing so that the beauty and the personification of the sculpture can ooze out of each part of it,” the spokesperson further states. 

They believe in creating original sculptures, and some of their works reflect amazing imagination and superior conceptualization skills. They have been catering to the needs of architects, designers and artists, and thus maintaining the originality of the work is a matter of primary concern for them. Besides bronze, they also have expertise in iron, aluminium and resin, and they maintain high quality but cost-effective sculpting and casting of statutes and art pieces. To learn more about their services, one may visit their website http://www.rapidart.co.uk/ 

About Rapid Art: 

Rapid Art has 20 years experience in casting and creating bronze sculptures. They have expertise in all aspects of art from the lost wax process and casting, origination of work and commissioning to enlarging of sculptures and large scale installations. They have developed relationships with foundries, sculptors, mold makers and fabricators in the UK, EU and China, which allows them to offer a variety of high quality and cost-effective services. 

For Media Inquiries:
Telephone: 01343 553 944
Email: info@rapidart.co.uk
Website: http://www.rapidart.co.uk

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