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Plan Early to Attend the Rome Carnevale

This year’s much-awaited Rome Carnevale falls on March 4, but tourists visiting the city and arriving on their Fiumicino airport transfers can actually start enjoying the ‘pre-Carnevale’ minor celebrations and preparations right now. In fact, to get the most out of the major event, would-be revellers should touch down on the city at least three weeks before the actual day of the Carnevale. 

Come early to enjoy the entire event 

Definitely one of Italy’s biggest, most important festivals, the Carnevale is celebrated throughout the country 40 days before Easter, with a final party before Ash Wednesday and Lent. However, even the weeks leading to the day of the Carnevale are marked with all sorts of parties and thrilling activities—trust the Romans to really know how to properly celebrate! Even in ancient Rome, citizens devoted 150 days a year to their precious R&R. 

Tourists arriving on the Fiumicino airport transfers can expect an exciting array of activities, from masquerade balls, to street entertainment at the various piazzas, to concerts and parties. Also, visitors can expect to be at the receiving end of a prank—these are common during the Carnevale, whose related saying is actually, ‘Anything goes at carnival’. To fully immerse oneself in the parties, one should never forget to bring a mask—they can be bought almost everywhere in the city during the weeks leading up to the festivities. 

Most travel agents strongly suggest to those who are planning to take part in the Carnevale celebrations to make reservations at least a year ahead, to avoid the hassle of trying to find good accommodations in a city brimming with high-season visitors. It's best to book the Fiumicino airport transfers too, to ensure seamless travel arrangements. 

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