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Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers

United States of America, 7th February 2014: The walking dead season 4 spoilers are out and the viewers can expect some new surprises. This will be an action packed season and all the hiatus surrounding the series has come to an end with the release of these spoilers. Carl is expected to be in the focus this season and Chandler Riggs can be seen in a younger and newer avatar. In the last series prison group had fled the lock up and now they will be seen searching for safety. The midseason premiere of Walking Dead season 4 has been named “After” and would be showing how Carl would come of age. One can expect some interesting episodes this season but the main spotlight would always be on Carl and Rick.

The news surrounding this series provides interesting information to the fans of Walking Dead. One expects a good response to the walking dead season 4 spoilers as there are many hidden truths that would interest the viewers. There are also some reports that Carl could die in this season and one could expect to get access to the secrets through the spoilers. The survivors have struggled with their past in the previous seasons and these feelings could continue in this season too. Michonne might be dealing from mysterious problems and this season shows that she has children before the zombie apocalypse occurred. Danai Gurira who plays Michonne has even confirmed this interesting information and the showrunners have also backed this.

All the inmates and people in the group will be seen trying to move on and fight their past. They would be facing some difficult missions and life threatening problems. The group of Bob, Daryl, Michonne and Tyrese continue to fight the dangerous illness that would be attacking the prison. The deal with the supply of dangerous medical supplies and the request of some group members could spring up enlightening missions. Fans who have been following Walking Dead regularly already know Michonne has been a divorced mother of children and both her children died in a break out. The guy whom Michonne dated before Armageddon had become a zombie.

The fans would love this season because every single moment brings out some interesting revelations. The events occurring are due to some reason and each character seems to have a new beginning. The walking dead season 4 spoilers show that there are many moments that come up direct from the comic books and the makers don’t seem to provide any loose ends in this series.

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Walking dead has received great response in the previous seasons and one expects this to get better in season 4. The walking dead season 4 spoilers have come out recently and every fan must watch this to know more about their favourite characters. The missions promise to keep the viewers glued to the TV and the fans cannot afford to miss the spoilers.

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