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School Trips & Other Activities For Enrichment Week Should Be Planned Months In Advance, Say Learning Experts

Experts and professional organisers of well-planned school trips from Equity School Travel announced recently that it is best for teachers and educators to plan their activities for Enrichment Week as early as possible—preferably now. The reason for this is the fact that all schools in the UK will be organising some travel or educational tour coinciding with Enrichment Week, and the clever ones are expected to do two things: to book months in advance and to choose only the best tour organisers. Those who only manage to book as late as April or May may end up trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. 

Get in early and reap the benefits 

Moreover, there are also certain non-obvious perks in booking early for school trips. For example Equity School Travel offers teachers a free iPad if they make their booking (35 persons, three days and two nights minimum per trip) by February 14th. Booking months ahead of Enrichment Week also comes with the luxury of choice—most tours are still available and organisers are more than willing to walk the extra mile to accommodate certain requests by teachers or to provide some extra freebies, such as presentation materials and other collateral. 

What’s more, top companies like Equity School Travel are also more than willing to help out in terms of providing ideas concerning possible itineraries or destinations. As school trips are essentially educational in nature, a big plus would be if the trip were also timely. Students participating in an exhaustive tour of the site of the 2012 London Olympics, for example, will be able to appreciate the immediate and far-reaching long-term impact of such an important event, not to mention the lengths the organising committee went to just to build a stadium of such magnitude. 

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