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Arrival of Winter Weather Brings Increase In Work For Plumbing Companies

Plumbing and home-servicing companies such as HMS Plumbing have experienced the customary boost in business after winter weather struck the United States over the holiday period.

A winter boost for tradesmen

In fact, one of the main dangers of this season is frozen pipes, and companies like HMS Plumbing, in Virginia, and others across the United States have their hands full with bursting or leaking pipes and related malfunctions during this time of year.

In order to reduce the workload for these companies, several official entities across the US have released articles containing tips and tricks to prevent frozen pipes. Virginia’s own State Newspaper devoted an entire piece to this problem, advising Virginia home-owners to follow a series of procedures in order to avoid freezing.

The first piece of advice offered by the publication concerned insulation. Readers were advised to make sure their pipes were insulated, especially those located in unheated parts of a house of building, such as garages or basements. The paper went on to recommend that people with gardens make sure their spigots are drained and turned off, and that sinks located in internal walls are allowed to receive heat, through tricks such as leaving a cupboard door open.

Other pieces of advice relayed by the State Paper included leaving faucets drizzling on particularly cold nights (in order to make sure the pipes are never inactive) and ensuring any cracks in windows, doors or walls are properly insulated.

In case a freeze-up did happen, readers were advised to attempt thawing the pipes with a hair dryer rather than an open flame such as a blowtorch, to avoid a fire hazard. Should the pipes need further thawing or mending, Virginians were advised by the periodical to consult a specialist company such as HMS Plumbing.

A similar set of instructions, tips and tricks was included by the Daily Progress, of Orange County, California, in their list of tips to prepare for winter weather, published around the same time as the State Paper piece.

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