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For people who suffer from a chronic or debilitating illness that isn’t necessarily visible, a simple trip abroad is often fraught with worries; whether you’ve got enough pills, how to explain to people that you are disabled without having a common language… the list goes on and on. What should be a relaxing trip suddenly feels more stressful than just staying at home!


This is where the Freedom Card comes in. Imagine a simple card which you can display to people that explains to them your condition, and what help you need – in over 32 languages!  A card available Worldwide.


It’s not just you. It’s your friends, families and co-workers. Hidden disabilities are a far bigger presence in our society than we realize. Here at Disability Sans Frontieres, we want to break down the barriers that disabled people face every day, both at home when they’re abroad. We need just four things to make this dream happen:


  • A website in many languages
  • A budget for promotional activity (leaflets, advertisements etc)
  • Freedom cards with a professional, high-quality design


You can help us today by visiting our fundraising drive on indiegogo. No donation is too big or small, but we offer little “perks” as a personal way of saying thank you should you donate at milestones starting from just a few Dollars/Pounds. 


Even if you can’t help us financially, there are many ways that you can help to spread the word! Talk with your friends about this project, whether face-to-face or over social media channels such as Facebook.


It’s time for us to come together as a global society and stamp out the pain of invisible disability. One day, it might be you or a loved one – will you be able to hold your Freedom Card proudly?


Contact: Simon Radford                                                     

Tel: +44 1623 438144

Email: admin@disability-sans-frontieres.org

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