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Business case – Korea to France

Our customer, working in the IT industry called us Wednesday afternoon to organize an emergency shipment from South Korea to France. 

He absolutly needed the goods to be delivered to his spare parts center Friday evening latest, for his technicians to be able to use the spare-parts over the week-end (the maintenance of the servers occuring when office employees are not at work). 

When our cusrtomer called, he directly asked for an On Board Courier option

On Board Courier Option ? We offer two solutions : 

At Air Time Critical Industrial Dept. We always try to offer 2 solutions to our customers, so they can chose the one that fit the best their demand and their budget. 

In this case, we offered the requested “On Board Courier solution” : a pick-up Thursday morning in Korea (Busan), with a delivery to the plant Friday at 8PM in France. 

But, knowing that the parts were actually needed in production only from Saturday morning ; we thought tat an other option might be as efficient and less expensive. 

The best option according to your budget and Deadline: 

Therefore, ae offered as well a second option to our customer : the (the shipment is flying as priority cargo in the hold not with a passenger). 

With this 2nd solution, the spare parts could be delivered Friday as well , but few hours later, between 10pm and midnight. 

Few hours later, compared to an, but sparing the costs of having a passenger flying all the way back and forth from Korea, sleeping at the hotel, using taxis… 

A good surprise to the customer: 

The customer was really pleased about this second option he haven’t thought about at first. He had thought that it was not possible to get a delivery Friday without sending someone with the goods in his hands. 

At the end, the delivery was done on time before midnight and our client saved up to 3200euros on this shipment compared to the On Board Courier Option. 

This is a good example of how Air Time Critical Dept. might be able to save you some serious money, advicing you on the best solution to use on an emergency shipment. 

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: airtimecritical.com

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