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CaseEMall has handmade mobile device cases and of popular brands

The United States of America; February 14, 2014: Smartphones are valuable properties not only because of their price but also because of their utility in daily life. Besides, everyone develops a personal connection with the device that is most used. In short, the modern mobile devices are more than just means communication. Thus, they need to be protected and CaseEMall specialises in the arena of mobile device covers. It is an e-commerce website where exclusive for mobile cases and relevant latest news from consumer electronics industry. Any type of iPhone, iPad or Samsung case can be found at the website. It also has collection of beautifully handmade cases too. 

In detail, CaseEMall has cases for iPhones, iPads, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry. However, cases are not available for all models in every series of handsets. Precisely, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C and iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Air and Mini are the Apple brands for which cases can be found at the website. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 and N7100, HTC One S and X and BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 are the models that can be adorned with CaseEMall cases. Some of the most popular brands and varieties of products that which feature at the e-commerce website are hello kitty cases, one piece cases, despicable me cases, zippo cases and transformer cases. 

An iPad case can cost maximum $29 while $26 and $21 are the maximum prices of iPhones and Galaxys. CaseEMall accepts payment via PayPal and ships the ordered product via USPS or UPS, which usually takes 1 – 2 business days to deliver product. Moreover, CaseEMall takes also takes 1 – 2 business days to process order and recommends shoppers to contact its customers care if their order is processed in 3 days. Buyers can return defected models but only if they are in their original condition. Return has to made within 30 days and only USPS. 

CaseEMall has 67 different iPhone cases, 29 varieties of Samsung cases, 16 types of iPad cases and 1 case each for BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 and HTC One S and X. In addition to that, there some finely crafted handmade cases with outstanding characteristics. However, those uniquely handmade cases are only for iPhone users while others have to satisfy with branded products. Especially, iPhone 5 users can have any iPhone case they want as all the handmade cases are available for the model. There is more strategic discrimination between Apple and Samsung devices. Three types of covers – flip, hard shell and soft shell – are available for both iPhones and Galaxys but the latter models get protection of TPU, silicone, plastic and leather while the former models enjoy cases of Titanium alloy, metal and matte plastic too. iPad cases are either flip or soft shell-type and made of rubber or leather. 

About CaseEMall: 

Website: www.caseemall.com/ 

CaseEMall is an e-commerce website for mobile device cases. It claims to simplify the selection of reliable cases and accessories for Samsung, Apple, HTC and BlackBerry devices. It also provides latest reports from mobile industry.

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