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Increase In Vintage Markets Could Interest Collectors Renting Cottages In Devon

Antique collectors may be inclined to rent cottages in Devon after the region has registered an increase in the number of vintage markets. 

North East Devon in particular has proven to be a veritable hotbed for these types of fairs, which are nonetheless gaining in popularity all across the South West of Britain. Recent reports indicate events of this type occurring in the region by the dozens, and local shopkeepers speak of adherences in excess of 30 stalls – a truly encouraging upward trend for vintage aficionados and collectors who own or frequently rent cottages in Devon. 

Venues in North Devon that have recently welcomed events of this type have included the Instow Paris Hall, the Cedars Inn in Barnstaple, the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe, and the Assembly Rooms at South Molton. This location in particular seems to be a stronghold for arts and crafts markets in the region, as this year’s Vintage and Makers’ Market was the second event of the type to take place there (the first being the Vintage Fair held at nearby Castle Hill in 2012). 

Members of the organizing party of the South Molton Vintage and Makers’ Market have, in fact, come on record to state that both it and the previous year’s fair recorded high numbers of attendance, with the November event attracting around three dozen stallholders. The sources in question have gone on to add that the success of these markets mirrored that of previous events of the same kind they had organized, such as the markets held at nearby Torrington and Tiverton. 

Another point of pride for the South Molton organising party was the wide variety of wares being offered in the stalls of their latest market. The fact that the items on offer ranged from china and kitchen items to toys, clothes, shoes and even handmade items was seen by the organisers as a sign of interest on the part of vintage sellers in the area, and the fairs were considered a great way for new businesses dealing in handmade arts and crafts or vintage items to establish themselves and find an audience. 

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