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Dirty Rockers signs with Horus Music &… other news!

- Dirty Rockers signs with Horus Music

The agreement has been taken: "From Hell", the new Dirty Rockers's album, will be published under Horus Music label.

Other great news expected soon!


- Dirty Rockers introduce new drummer Nick Marronaro (replacing Jimmy "The Hats")

Since December 2013 Dirty Rockers are working with their new drummer: Nick Marronaro. Due to the Spanish trip of Jimmy "The Hats" Sommerville the band will face the incoming live gigs of the next months after the release of the upcoming album "From Hell" with Nick "The Rock".


- Album mastering complete and Artwork almost ready

The final mastering of "From Hell" was completed by Il Cele in "Zero Gravity"! During these days the band is working on the album's artwork thereafter the album will be printed!


Dirty Rockers came to life in April 2004 and were founded by the band's historical singer Mat LaParterre and the axemen Jacques La Croix and Valerio Quercioli. In order to follow the footsteps of their 80's idols they completed their line-up and started playing the hard rock hits they loved. Unfortunately there were many changes in the line-up during its early days and there wasn't a lasting rhytmic section until 2006 when the unstoppable Eddie Capezzolo bass hero and the rocking drumming of Jimmy “The Hats” joined Dirty Rockers! Since then the band started composing original pieces and performing live shows which increasingly became really spectacular and amusing shows including whiskey showers, fog, stage-lights and fireworks! The audience showed a good appreciation and Dirty Rockers' very first recording "Love Pumps of Rock'n'Roll" got positive reviews in spite of the raw quality of the tape. In the meanwhile the band had the chance to play on some of the most important stages in Tuscany. In 2009 Dirty Roc kers signed their first contract with ControTempo Produzioni, an independent label from Montelupo Fiorentino (Florence, IT), and recorded their first full length album 'Rock'n'Roll Monsters". Later the evil distortions of Jimmy Sorgane took their place replacing the leaving Valerio Quercioli and making all more rotten…

An explosion of devastating sounds is the visiting card of the florentine quintet: hard-rock and psychedelia for a sonic boom of pure delirium! Alcohol, bloody mess and fucking pure ROCK'N'ROLL, these are DIRTY ROCKERS!!!


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