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Beat Orchard provides music production, licensing and marketing services

United Kingdom, April 7, 2014: Composing music is an art and art deserves exhibition. However, there are far less opportunity than there is talent in the world. Beat Orchard is the company that intends to narrow the gap by its services. It is a stock music company with a simple website, where music composed and submitted by users is posted. The distinction between Beat Orchard and other similar service providers is the focus on quality. The former ensures that only compositions that are good in quality are posted at its website. Composers need to sign-up to the service and submit their work, which is included in the library after it is approved by experts. 

Beat Orchard has a slick interface that makes sign-up and uploading convenient for composers while searching appropriate royalty free music easy for users. The extensive focus on quality ensures that visitors get only impressive and satisfactory works. Sign-up is open and free for all but the company does not give assurance of including the music into the library. Such strictness towards standard of composition is good not only for visitors but also for composers, who can be sure of like competition. The chances of quality music getting lost in the crowd of junk creations have been arguably diminished by the stock audio company. 

Beat Orchard offers 50% of the revenue to non-exclusive composers while the share for exclusive composers is 70%. In other words, the scope for earning through the website is considerable. Besides, composers get marketplace for free to exhibit their talent. It is an artist-oriented and artist-friendly community of art lovers. The advantage the composers get with Beat Orchard is freedom. They do not have to spend time and resources on marketing their production music and focus dedicatedly on composing great works. Inclusion of submitted work into the stock library is itself a kind of marketing step. However, the company still inputs effort to publicise the work for its members. 

Beat Orchard is streamlined from users’ perspective too. While slick interface facilitates easy uploading, it makes search for background music convenient too. Strict adherence to quality ensures that users have access to great variety of music rather than numerous generic compositions. Moreover, they can use the works in projects of their own. In order to add to its service for users, Beat orchard provides extensive support to searching and sorting of music for different projects. Users can send a query for the kind of music they want and the team music library suggests the most appropriate choices available. 

About Beat Orchard: 

Website: www.beatorchard.com 

Beat Orchard is a Stock Music company that makes appropriate music available for television programmes, radio advertisements, corporate training, internet movies, websites and other projects of its users. It is started by a group of composers and web designers with the intention to facilitate release and purchase of royalty-free quality music easily.

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