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The App Review Zone presents its VIP APP Club

United States of America, 7th March 2014:: Application development industry is a big niche and there are developers who are making millions of dollars each year. The fact the number of people using smartphones has increased drastically over the past decade, the need for more and more apps has further increased. However, not every app developer can succeed in making a popular app. This is the reason why it is essential that they offer innovative products and back it up with a good promotion. One site which offers its platform to the developers to promote their apps besides offering a vast resource for the app users is The App Review Zone

The site offers mobile app reviews which covers each and every genre and can be quite handy for the readers. Initially the site had started with its reviews of the iPhones and iPad apps but it now covers Android apps as well. The site invites the developers and reviewers to provide feedback and their suggestions to improve it and offer genuine reviews to the readers. They also offer their platform by adding a range of ways for the app developers to promote all their developed applications. Moreover, in case there are experienced reviewers or internet marketers who wish to join the team can get in touch with the administrators of the website. 

Recently the review website came up with a novel idea of a Club named VIP App Club Members. Interested developers can be a part of the club for just $9.95 per month. Moreover, the 1st month charges are $15.95. They also offer a plan where people can save $20 for the club membership and become a part of the club for just $99 per year. There are various activities each member can perform being a part of the group. The members are classified in different groups such as the Camera Plus, Stryke, Pokebuilder Lite, Rainforest Music, etc. 

The other things which people can do at the website are present their apps for reviews from the experts at the website. The site offers various kinds of review packages which can be availed of by the developers. With these reviews the possibility of the app to increase visibility and grow popular can increase drastrically. The website does offer bulk packages for companies or individuals offering a bunch of apps for being reviewed. Each and every detail for the mobile app promotion can be accessed from the website itself. Moreover, if people have any queries related to how they could proceed or get the best out of their services, then they can get in touch with the administrators on the website. 

About The App Review Zone 

URL: http://www.theappreviewzone.com/vip-app-club 

The App Review Zone is a website which offers its platform for the developers to get their apps reviewed. They also present their VIP App Club which is an added advantage to the developers trying to promote their apps.

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