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Wellin Unveils Coffee Pot, Coffee Carafe & Vacuum Flask for the Modern Generation

Jiangsu, China, April 8, 2014: Wellin Co. Ltd. is a leader in producing various types of Coffee Pots, Vacuum Flasks and Coffee Carafes etc. The company not only sells products in the domestic market, but also exports them to the international markets such as in Europe and Middle East. They are now introducing a new range of thermo vessels and vacuum flasks that can meet the requirements of the modern consumers in a more precise manner. 

Speaking about the features and specialties of their new Coffee Pot, the spokesperson of the company maintains, “Premium surface coating and high quality insulation that is better than the GB standard make these coffee pots more functional for the modern consumer. Moreover, their design ergonomics make them more comfortable to hold in hand and are perfectly designed to offer comfort and convenience to the busy folks of the present era.” 

These coffee pots and flasks are available in a variety of designs and can always be admired for their beautiful looks and superb finish. These pots and flasks can be a premium quality household appliance that is highly durable and can also offer several types of functional advantages to the people. Recently, they have introduced high quality Arab vacuum flask that is becoming very popular in the entire Middle East. According to the company spokesperson, they have been shipping these flasks in large numbers in the Gulf Countries on a regular basis. The premium quality surface coating of these flasks makes them perfect for the extreme temperature conditions and thus are in great demand in the Middle East. 

Wellin’s Plastic Coffee Carafe is also a popular product that they export to the European countries. Made of new quality plastic material, these are always recognized for their attractive colors and great designs. Besides their great looks, people can be benefited from their high performance and functional advantages as well. The company believes in offering products that can be suitable for the new generation and this is the reason why they come up with new products from time to time. All these flasks and pots are manufactured using high quality materials and one can know more about the products available with them by visiting their website http://www.wellinware.com

About Wellin Co. Ltd.: 

Wellin specializes in producing various thermos vessels and coffee pots. They sell their products not only in the domestic market, but also export them to the international markets, especially to Arabic countries and European regions. The company has a full-fledged factory, mold workshop and R&D center to produce technologically advanced and market leading products. 

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