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Barreto Marketing Group Is Now Offering Free In Depth Web Site Evaluations for Businesses and Individuals

San Diego, CA, 11th April, 2014: In order to help business owners and individuals properly evaluate their web sites and online marketing strategies, BMG will now be offering free quality, professional website evaluations. With basic web site evaluations retailing for over $200 on average, the time for you to cash in on a free detailed evaluation for your site will never be better. 

Barreto Marketing Group is highly specialized in creative web design, targeted search engine optimization, marketing, and branding. Their team understands how frustrating web site development and online marketing can be and aim to minimize the confusion by providing quality, detailed analysis’s free of charge. 

With Barreto Marketing Group’s free website evaluation, you will receive quality in-depth information that you are unable to get anywhere else without paying or waiting. Whether you are interested in knowing an average of how many visitors you are receiving, the quality of your design, content and/or marketing efforts, all of these analytics and more will be provided to you. In addition to accessing and determining any possible improvements on your current website, BMG will also offer their recommendations moving forward and provide a personalized quote for you. 

Whether or not you choose to move forward with BMG’s website design and marketing recommendations or only take advantage of the free evaluation is completely up to you. Like any quality specialist in the field, Barreto Marketing 

Group’s main focus in offering these evaluations is to provide you with quality information and ways for you to improve your profits before asking for a dime in return. 

If you or someone you know is interested in evaluating their current website design and marketing tactics, contact BMG today. These free evaluations won’t last long, so make sure and take advantage of this offer while it lasts. 

For more information check out www.BarretoMarketing.com or email the team directly at Info@BarretoMarketing.com.

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