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New exciting game launched for the casual gamers

United States of America, 12th April 2014: These days the innovative running games like temple run and flappy bird are becoming a craze among the gamers. These games act as a good time pass and also act as a stress buster. People need to apply different techniques and utilize their brain to go to the next level. This has increased the competition among the app developers and the apps market is full of creative games. One of those games that would enthral the gamers is Run fishy run. This free mobile game app is about the adventure of the shark and a gold fish that are on the verge of meeting new challenges in their ocean adventures.

People are always on the lookout for a gaming app that has innovative challenges and can help them get a new experience. This game proves to be different and stands out in among the present games. People can download the game in play store by visiting the following link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jayjaym.runFishyRun while the iOS users can download it through https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/run-fishy-run!/id837180031. It features a unique 2D experience and some new updated features have been included by the company the casual gamers would love the engaging features. People who like to challenge their friends and update their new scores can use the facebook leaderboard to do so. While they update the leaderboard at the same time they get a chance to challenge their friends to beat their high scores.

While playing the games the players would be required to use the funny costume and experience different visual effects. Once a player is able to complete any level or finish some hard challenge they would be getting points and to do this they need to dodge the fishing nets, crabs, volcanic eruptions, etc. Getting the new coins would help the gamers unlock new features and get interesting powerups. The enemies in the game interact with each other and make the challenge even more difficult by coming in groups. These challenges seem to be very interesting and even more difficult. People who loved temple run and have been playing games in similar category would love this game.

Before downloading the game the users can read the reviews and description of the game to get to know more about the game. Reading the reviews would help them understand the game and also understand the experiences of the previous players. The best part is that this game does not consumer much space in the device and is compatible with all types of smartphones.

About Run Fishy Run:

Website: http://www.jayjaym.com/run-fishy-run

Run Fishy run is a free runner game developed by Jayjaym. It is available on the play store as well as on the apple app store. Developed for the casual gamers this is similar to temple run but has different look and interesting challenges.

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