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How to Sell Books by the Boatload

Today's secret to selling books by the boatload is to become a recognized celebrity, a brand. Then people will become familiar with you and your books. This system works because fans can't get enough of their favorite celebs and people like to buy from people they "know."

While traditional book reviews still work, today's new world demands new strategies, tactics and techniques to position yourself in front of your target audience and get your message heard. By using the techniques explained in this eBook, Arthur VanDam has sold over 10,000 copies of his own books.

“How to Become a Celebrity Author and Sell Books by the Boatload,” by Arthur VanDam explains everything you need, practical insights and action steps to put you and your books on the map.

"Even the average Joe can become a celebrity author, a brand and sell books," says Arthur VanDam, author of How to Become a Celebrity Author. "The secret is to find an entry point to get publicity. Often this is local channels. Then use that publicity to leverage yourself into greater, bigger and broader publicity. The sales will take care of themselves."

You'll discover new ways to get noticed in today's overcrowded, harried world. These include landing book reviews, positioning yourself online and offline and getting publicity day and night in often overlooked places.

VanDam, a marketer, sales professional and published author, gives you a roadmap. He explains over 100 ways to become a recognized celebrity author. Plus Arthur's 15-set-celebrity planner workbook and 49-step celebrity author roadmap.

Traditionally, Madison Avenue Advertising executives said that customers need seven to ten impressions before they feel comfortable making a purchase. Today that number seems to have increased to 10 or 12, given the volume of ad messages that bombard us. By landing publicity in multiple places at once, you can create the impressions you need relatively quickly.

When you blend the Internet, Social Media, blogging, content marketing including article writing and syndication, Google, Bing and more, with book reviews and traditional offline publicity techniques, you'll multiply your celebrity status, brand recognition and sales.

VanDam shows you how to bring people across the globe to your doorstep. Some 1000's of potential buyers are waiting to meet you, read your books, and buy your products and services. Bring all of this success together with the one eBook that will take you to the top - How to Become a Celebrity Author.

To read more about these incredible possibilities plus instant download instructions, visit http://www.publishinggold.com/ebooks.htm.

About Arthur VanDam:

Arthur VanDam is a business development, marketing and sales expert. His clients call him The Revenue Miner® because of his unusual ability to generate sales. He has appeared on radio and TV stations across the US including Bloomberg Radio and TV, Ask Heloise, On the House with the Carey Brothers, MPR's Sound Money and more. Arthur has presented to major corporations including Citigroup, Prudential, Barclays Bank, The Hartford and more. After college, he joined PriceWaterhouse Coopers where he completed his CPA. More important, he learned how to market and sell professional services. He studied copywriting at AWAI. After completing his MBA in marketing and finance, he joined Citicorp and then JP Morgan Chase. Arthur has written and published ten books and dozens of articles.

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