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Vehicle Tracking Tools Are Benefitting Companies Like Haulage Exchange

Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange, the two companies that make up the Transport Exchange Group, have seen proven benefits derived from the group’s adoption of a groundbreaking vehicle-tracking integration by partner outfit Navman Wireless.

Launched only three months ago, the system has already had a warm reception among purveyors of haulage and delivery services. As of April of 2014, the vast majority of users who tried the integration, were experiencing vast improvements in the volume of empty runs within their respective companies, as was the intention of the new tool.

The new technology is particularly beneficial for small and medium enterprises focusing on overnight or same-day delivery, one of the pillars of both the Transport Exchange Group and the UK’s freight and haulage market as a whole. Navman’s new system allows these types of companies to maximise their potential by giving them a quick and easy tool with which to streamline their supply processes and minimise wasted space and haulage opportunities among their fleet.

According to sources within one of the companies already using this software, the process through which the application locates available loads, in real time, in and around the area any given vehicle is located in is quick and simple to figure out and use. It also, according to both users and sources within Navman, helps complement a gap in the industry, which was in need of more tracking and exchange solutions such as those provided by Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange. The integration of this new software into the Transport Exchange Group’s website is, therefore, merely the icing on the cake.

The Transport Exchange Group is the largest freight exchange service in the UK and Ireland and sees approximately 40.000 loads posted each month across their two platforms, Haulage Exchange (for heavy freight) and Courier Exchange (for smaller deliveries). Navman Wireless is the latest of the consortium’s many partners, which span several fields within and related to the industry.

About Haulage Exchange:

Haulage Exchange is an online trading platform that aims to connect truckers with empty vehicles (often on return journeys) to contractors with loads that need to be delivered. Learn more about them at www.haulageexchange.co.uk/

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