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Ornella Iannuzzi Selected For F&L Designer Guides Ring Designer Shortlist

London-based engagement ring designer Ornella Iannuzzi is the latest in a select list of names hand-picked to feature in F&L Designer Guides, a new webpage dedicated to showcasing the best bespoke engagement and bridal jewellery designers across the UK.

Originally from Italy, but currently living in England’s capital, Ornella Iannuzzi is perhaps best known for her love of opals as topping stones for engagement ring jewellery. The vast majority of this designer’s pieces are topped by this type of stone, giving her rings an exotic and sophisticated appeal.

Iannuzzi’s love for this stone is well demonstrated by the fact that, in 2008, this designer took off on an adventure to Ethiopia. Her goal in this endeavour was to hopefully acquire the then recently-discovered Wello opal, unearthed near the country’s capital, Adis Abeba. Her venture was a successful one and Ornella Iannuzzi subsequently crafted some of her most breath-taking pieces out of this particular stone. These rings, which perfectly toe the line between the translucent beauty of the opal and the complementary nature of the metals in the band, were then included in a range the designer chose to call the Coraline collection, and which is now the showcase line in her collection.

Another major influence for this designer is her native Alps. In many of her pieces, Ornella seeks to reproduce the crags of the mountain landscapes she grew up around, resulting in often visually unique pieces. The Blue Falls, which the designer visited whilst in Ethiopia, were another influence, serving as inspiration for one of the most aesthetically striking pieces in Ms Iannuzzi’s collection.

F&L Designer Guides is a new portal seeking to partner with and promote a series of especially selected, UK-based designers of bespoke engagement and bridal jewellery. Artisans picked to be a part of this project will have their work showcased and divulged to an entirely new range of potential customers.

About F&L Designer Guides:

F&L Designer Guides provide all you need to know about choosing an engagement ring designer. Showcasing some of the UK’s best designers, along with tips, advice and inspirations for finding a ring that embodies your love, the F&L Designer Guides is the first stop for choosing that perfect ring.

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