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Engagement Ring Designers Offer Ring-Picking Advice

Engagement ring designers De Simone have recently released an article containing advice on how best to go about picking the perfect ring for a future life partner. In this small but useful collection of bullet points, the engagement ring designers go over the entire process, from the early steps of the purchase to the picking of the diamond, providing a valuable tool for individuals in this situation.

According to De Simone, the engagement ring buying process should begin with establishing a budget and working within its boundaries. While engagement rings are traditionally expected to be pricey, it should not be necessary to go into debt to profess your love to that special one. It is usually possible to find perfectly attractive rings within a more or less comfortable budget, and that is what the company is advising buyers to do.

Once a budget has been drawn up, De Simone’s
engagement ring designers urge customers not to forget about the engagement ring band and setting. While most of a shopper’s attention will be consumed by the ever-important diamond, an attractive and appropriate band and setting can contribute to the overall effectiveness of the ring. The right choice of metal or setting shape can make all the difference in the world, and so can the width of the band.

The final step broached by the engagement ring company in their article is the ‘centrepiece’ of engagement ring purchasing, the diamond. Here, adherence to the classic ‘four c’s’ (colour, carat, cut and clarity) is recommended, as is consulting with a trained jeweller.

The last piece of advice given by the diamond ring manufacturers to potential engagement ring purchasers is to be aware of their partner’s tastes, so that the ring they eventually choose is sure to satisfy their tastes, as well as complementing their special moment as a couple.

De Simone Jewellery operates out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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