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The minecraft building game giving away free coupons for a free minecraft account.

The highly popular indie game called by the name Minecraft was first released in the year 2009. This genius of a game was created by a Swedish programmer who is called Markus Persson. The selling factor for this game has been the fact that it is fresh and unique. This is probably the only game that has been able to engage both the casual gamers as well as the hardcore gamers all alike. Within a short span of 4 year, the minecraft has been able to win several awards for its success and its ability to win over gamers all over the world.

This creative minecraft building game does not come with a story plot, which makes it all the more interesting because today almost all video games are based on a story plot. This is rather a open ended video game and allows all the liberty to the players to create their own little fantasy. This has been a major reason why people all over the world have learned to like this. A major attraction for any kind of thing is the fact that it allows for limitless liberty. Human beings live in a world of boundaries both physical and mental. It has frustrated the human folk time and again. When once in a while a game like this comes along that allows the human being to let go and do whatever she wants, no one can resist it. The game of minecraft building has created a world for the millions of players out there where they are building their own world which they can fill with their own unique creativity.

The minecraft account comes at a very affordable price and even a kid can create their own account. Yes, that is right. This is a game that all people of all ages can play without any limitations. This is one of the few games available on the World Wide Web where parents and kids can connect. For more information please go to http://xtcr.net/

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