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Financial Wellness Program Launches for Young Middle School Age Students

Philadelphia, PA: A leading Financial Education Instructor, Leslie Girone, has recently launched a groundbreaking Financial Wellness Program, Money Smart 101, aimed at empowering youths with basic money management skills. Leslie has worked with financial education experts to design a course for 6-9th grade students, with plans to launch a full K-12 program in the near future. She remarks “Considering how important money is to our lives, it’s crazy how little time we spend learning about it”. Most school curriculum does not include money management lessons, and often parents are not equipped to teach these valuable life skills.

Money Smart 101 is a groundbreaking and unique financial literacy training program delivered in schools through an interactive presentation format. The Money Smart 101 workbook is now available at www.moneysmart101.org and provides real world education including creating a personal budget and setting personal financial goals. The key focus of the program is to provide practical and actionable knowledge and covers topics such as:

• The importance of saving
• Credit
• Budgeting
• Smart shopping habits
• Cyber security
• Preparing for a career
• Entrepreneurship

Growing up as the daughter of a loan collector, Leslie Girone learned the importance of establishing good money management skills at a young age. She hopes that by catching the kids early she can play a part in breaking the cycle of huge consumer debt gripping America today. At the end of the Money Smart 101 training, participants are well equipped with the confidence to go out into the world and make better financial choices. One of the most recent participants had this to say ““I really learned a lot more than I was expecting to learn. I feel more informed and prepared for my future. Thank you.”

Money Smart 101, in its first year of life, has made great inroads to help train kids to meet the financial challenges of a rapidly changing world. By creating an educational program aimed at young people, Leslie Girone’s breakthrough program aims to empower young students with basic money management skills to achieve future financial independence.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Leslie Girone
Phone Number: 215-236-1415
E-mail: leslie@moneysmart101.org
Website: http://www.moneysmart101.org

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