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Alpine Mountain Biking Among Main Arguments For Summer Mountain Holiday

Alpine mountain biking is among the strongest arguments in favour of a summer holiday in the French Alps presented by a company specializing in Alpine holidays in a recent web post.

According to the piece, reproduced on a dedicated travel portal, taking a holiday to the Alps during the warmer months of the year can constitute an excellent alternative to a beach break, with the advantage of being, in many cases, significantly more affordable as well. The wealth of activities on offer may also be an attraction factor for tourists seeking more active holidays, the article adds.

Some of the popular activities bringing visitors to the slopes of Alpine resorts every spring and summer are Alpine mountain biking (perhaps the most common leisure occupation in which to indulge in this sort of holiday), parasailing, abseiling, hiking, golfing, water sports, and even dry sledding, without the snow. All of these, when coupled to the region’s attractive, verdant landscapes during this time of year, are considered by the company in question to be good arguments in favour of an Alpine holiday during warm weather.

Aside from Alpine mountain biking (made exciting by the very same slopes that entice thousands of skiers each wintertime), the feature singles out the Fantasticable as one of the main attractions of the Alpine resort region all year round. This is a 3km long zip line that crosses the region known as Portes du Soleil, often at speeds exceeding 100km/h.

Other attractions mentioned by the article around the Portes du Soleil and Trois Vallees area include a nature park, semi-hidden among trees, and the nearby Lake Geneva, where tourists can indulge in water sports or sunbathing. The multitude of hiking trails boasted by the area, most with stunning natural landscaped and views, can also be an attraction factor for keen trekkers and hikers.

The popularity of summertime activities in the French Alps, particularly among more active tourists, has experienced an increase in recent years, as the piece in question clearly demonstrates.

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