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Daily Mail Advises Readers On Buying Single Trip Holiday Insurance

British newspaper the Daily Mail recently published a feature on their website providing their readers with five aspects to take into consideration when purchasing single trip holiday insurance.

In a timely piece, possibly to coincide with the start of the peak tourist season, the British newspaper highlights the importance of contracting single trip holiday insurance, while at the same time advising its readers to not settle for the first policy of this type they find.

In fact, one of the foremost pieces of advice the paper gives its audience is to ‘shop around’, that is to say, to look at several policies and decide which one best suits their needs, rather than simply opting for the first one they come across or settling for the cheapest. This is because a nominally cheaper cover option, or one which seems to encompass all sorts of options for an only slightly higher price, can sometimes provide more extraneous features than necessary clauses, whilst potentially leaving out other types of cover that might be best suited for that particular situation.

Similarly, tourists are advised to book their travel insurance immediately after – if not in conjunction with – their booking. This is due to the fact that putting off contracting an insurance policy until the last minute could result in forgoing the cancellation cover, or not being able to obtain insurance at all.

Another piece of advice given by the article regards levels of cover. Travellers looking to take out single trip holiday insurance should make sure the amounts offered by the policy meet their needs. Being honest about medical conditions is also considered essential, as failing to disclose conditions could result in claims not being covered, and significant monetary loss.

Finally, readers are reminded that single trip holiday insurance is not the only option available, and that other types of policies should be considered as well.

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