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Turkish Newspaper Gives Hints On Dalaman Airport Transfers

Turkish periodical the Fethiye Times has recently uploaded a number of articles to their website, all centred around Dalaman airport, transfers from that location, and the best way to get around when first arriving in Turkey.

The intent of these features, which are written in English, is to help international tourists arriving in the southern regions of Turkey for the Easter holidays (particularly Brits) find their way from the airport to their destination in the most timely and convenient manner.

The first of these articles deals with Dalaman airport transfers themselves, and the best way to make the most of them in order to arrive at one’s desired destination. This piece broaches the unusual fact that, unlike the majority of other airports the world over, Dalaman airport does not have any public transportation links. Dalaman airport transfers must therefore be privately hired, either in advance or at the time of arrival.

The piece then goes on to detail each of the options available to travellers first arriving in southern Turkey to get to their preferred destination. These include taxis, private car hire, a private transfer from a specialised company or – most unusually – a flight connection, which some airlines offer as part of their packages. Each of these options is assessed in terms of convenience, price and general availability, making this guide an inestimable piece for tourists planning to travel to Dalaman.

Another piece recently published on the same newspaper’s website deals specifically with flights from London, very obviously targeting the growing British demographic Turkey attracts each year. This piece offers insight, tips and advice on how to get to Dalaman from the south of England, listing both direct and indirect services to the Turkish region in question. Serving as a complement to the article mentioned above, this piece should also prove of great value to Britons planning to visit Turkey.

Finally, Fethiye Times has published a news item discussing the opening of the new terminal at Dalaman airport. This article places particular emphasis on the subject of Dalaman airport transfers which, as mentioned above, are still exclusively private.

Dalaman airport serves all destinations in the south of Turkey.

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