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New Guide To Candle Making To Be Given Away Free On Amazon

Kansas City, Kansas; May 15, 2014: For a limited time only, the author of How to Make Candles at Home will be offering readers the chance to own her new guide to candle making completely free of charge. To coincide with the launch of this highly anticipated expert starter guide, Monica L. Patton has announced that it will be offered as a free eBook from May 14th to May 18th, only on Amazon.com.

According to the author, making the unexpected decision to offer a brand new publication at absolutely no cost to the reader was the best way for her to make sure that other crafters can follow in her celebrated footsteps. Once a beginner at candle making herself, she has forged a career out of her talents in making delightful, fragrant and highly personalized candles. In a statement to the press, she explained that she would like to make sure that hobbyists like herself have the opportunity to turn their passion into a career.

How to Make Candles at Home will be the first in a series of books for hobby enthusiasts who are interested in taking their abilities a step further. Patton hopes that her books will "start the next generation of crafters on their own special journey".

Given the book's very recent release date, Ms. Patton's announcement has attracted much praise from both critics and experts in the field. At the release event, the author received was commended for her gesture and praised for once again creating a guide for beginners that very quickly introduces the basics and gives plenty of expert guidance. According to experts, the book has every element necessary for a candle maker to progress to professional standards.

Ms. Patton has been selling her crafts for over two decades and her work is beloved across the region. Married and a mother to two teenagers, she has turned what began as a hobby during the latter part of her teens into the career that has brought her both success and fulfillment. Now, she says, she would like to offer that expertise to others who would like to pursue their passions.

For more information about the debut, visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HMR9FTG or contact Ms. Patton's representatives at Tel. 412-314-3372 or by email at monicapatton@outlook.com.

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