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Klugman CMCapital Markets (www.klugman-cm.com) to OpenNew York Offices

Klugman CMCapital Markets (www.klugman-cm.com) is about to open an office in New York. David Chung Li, Tony Brow and Mark Lee join Klugman CM after ten years working together in the Southeast Asia commodities and futures markets. 

They will be in charge of dealing with US physical and financial agricultural commodities. 

"We are very delighted to welcome Mark, David and Tony to Klugman CM", said Robert C. Martins, the president of Klugman CM. "All three are highly experienced and accomplished in agricultural markets and they will be a valuable addition to Klugman CM." 

Agricultural commodities are traded on a physical delivery basis, meaning any contract traded can result in physical delivery to a grain silo in US. More recently, Klugman CMstarted to trade for its clients cash-traded corn contracts, for which physical delivery is not required. These contracts are pure financial instruments which makes them appealing to a broader range of market participants. 

"We want to consolidate and build on what we already have," says Chung. "That means encouraging new market participants, and continuing to educate people in the benefits and advantages of commodity derivatives." 

About Klugman CM: 

Klugman CMCapital Markets (www.klugman-cm.com) is a full-service commodity advisory located in Hong Kong. Our experienced advisors have continually strived to provide individually tailored advice to help speculators and producers achieve their marketing goals. In addition to our brokerage services, we specialize in currencies and metal advisory services for producers. The advisory services not only give personalized advice, but also execution on that advice. 

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