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HTC One Mini 2 Cell Phone photo recovery

Aidfile Recovery software is a powerful photo recovery tool to restore lost recover pictures, images, jpg, bmp, png files, recovering photo files after delete or format from hard drive or digital camera, smart phone, usb drive, sd card, flash drive, cf card, mmc card. from HTC One Mini 2 Cell Phone 

The HTC One M8 stormed its way to an "outstanding" verdict in our review thanks to its gorgeous metal body, truck loads of power, brilliant screen, cutting-edge Android software and powerful speakers. If 5 inches is just too much of a stretch for your hands, however, you might want to cast your eyes over the new One Mini 2. 

The Mini 2 takes the same classy aluminium design and Android software of the flagship, but shrinks it down to a more manageable 4.5 inches. Is it the perfect smartphone? Well, not quite. In typical fashion, HTC has also shrunk down the specs -- you'll find a 1.2GHz rather than 2.3GHz processor inside the phone, and the display is 720p, down from 1080p. 

It might not have the M8 moniker, but there's absolutely no ignoring the family resemblance between the Mini 2 and the One M8. In fact, there's almost no outward difference -- aside from its smaller size of course -- that separates the two. 

Use Undelete to recover deleted photo from HTC One Mini 2 Cell Phone. 

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Use Full Scan to recover lost photo if partitions show as raw or recover files which can not be found with undeleteand unformat and recover partition. 

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