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A Whole New Horse Racing Game “Stallion Race”

Stallion Race is a virtual horse racing games online where you can own, train and races the horses, interact with a dynamic community of players. It is a whole new horse racing game that includes life simulation, strategy and athletics. Buy & sell, breed & train, race & bet on virtual horses, and watch the races live in your browser! Here is the horse racing fans club. The most legendary and classic horse racing of the world can be found here and to breed a legend of your horse will be the best experience.

Stallion Race

As a horse owner in the game, you will become the well-known No.1 hero in the World Horse Ranking by competition in the Racing City.

horse racing

Horse Racing Simulation: Feeding, training, breeding, health care, diversified training modes help you train your unique horses

horse racing game

Jockey Recruitment: In Jockey Club, jockeys from all over the world are waiting for you. Excellent jockeys will help you defeat all your opponents much easier.

World Exploration: To explore every corner of the world, you may surprisingly find stat boost gems as well as skill books about horse racing.

Exciting Games: You can travel around the world to challenge those proficient. Countless rewards will be given in Contests and Duel Matches.

Wager: Wager is one indispensable part of horse racing. There will be regular wager everyday in Ticket Center. You may win millions of Gold here!

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