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New Millionaire Marketing Network Launched

Steve Coipa, veteran luxury brands marketing Guru has been retained to launch a new millionaire marketing network - for those involved in marketing products and services to millionaires. The new network is supported by RS Management - Global General Managers for Richman’s International Millionaire’s Clubs.

The Millionaire Marketing Network as the new network is to be called is FREE to join. It is being launched through Ning. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Ning offers an innovative technology platform for people to join and create new social networks for their interests and passions and meet new people around the things they care about most about in their life.

With over one million social networks created and more than 27 million registered members, Ning has millions of people coming together everyday to explore and express their interests, discover new passions, and meet new people around shared pursuits.

According to Steve Coipa, there is a real need for professionals who are involved in marketing to the rich to come together and leverage on each others strengths and contacts. It is also important to stay informed about new trends in marketing to the wealthy as mass marketing strategies do not work well when you’re dealing with the rich.

The launch of The Millionaire Marketing Network According comes at a very opportune moment. Here are some industry facts to consider:-

According to the Merrill Lynch - Capgemini 12th Annual World Wealth Report, assets of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) rose to $40.7 Trillion. Average HNWI Wealth was more than $4 Million each for the first time ever; The world’s High Net Worth population now stands at more than TEN Million individuals. With India, China and Brazil showing the highest HNWI Population Growth.

The number of high net-worth individuals in China is also hitting new records. And they're continuing to spend. According to the 2009 Hurun Wealth Report, 825,000 mainland Chinese, or one in 1,700 now has a personal wealth of at least US$1 million.

The luxury industry is back after a short rest. According to global consulting firm, Bain & Company's 2012 Luxury Market Update, the luxury goods industry is poised for full recovery by 2011.

The report covered some 220 luxury brands, which included leather goods, fashion, jewelry, alcohol and cosmetics companies that serve high net worth customers, or those with assets of at least US$1 million. The study concluded that spending on luxury is expected to reach around $230 billion per annum by 2012. New millionaires from countries like China, India etc. will no doubt be leading the charge.

All this further confirms the urgent need to improve ones marketing skills. Marketing to millionaires takes a lot more than sending out glossy mailers. Seeking the assistance of network members to help market your products and services is perhaps the best way to reach more millionaires so consider joining The Millionaire Marketing Network today.

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