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Cover Oregon Website Voted to Be Closed

In the United States, there are organizations that exist in order to help facilitate in each State to conform with the ObamaCare. One of the states which already practice Health Insurance Exchanges is Oregon however the state website had been unanimously voted to be closed down because no customer can use the services of their website.

The closing down of the website does not mean that the State of Oregon is not anymore participating in the ObamaCare project, this just means that they would entrust to Healthcare.gov the task of enrolling their customers.

Why It Has Been Closed?

One of the reasons why the website has been voted to be closed down is the fact that the state had used up more than $303 million of the state and federal funds in order to make the project workout. The primary technology provider and the consultant for the implementation of the project were supposed to be Oracle Technologies. In fact, they had collected a total sum of $134 million in order to start the buildup of the website. However, Oracle claimed that never had they had the chance to serve their purpose as the system integrator since a role state IT leaders took over the job for them. Through investigations of the state and federal authorities it has been concluded that the problems were inadequate oversight and project management.

The Chief Information Officer said that the continuance of the project would incur additional material cost and the risk of repairing the site for the next open enrollment was very risky to take. After some time the website was able to perform some services however the enrollments for ObamaCare had to be processed by written documentation and other related means.

As you may know the process that the State of Oregon has been performing is the exact opposite of the mission of the Affordable Care Act which was supposed to let majority of the state to operate its own exchange.

Frankly, the Healthcare.gov hadn’t been a direct success. For a fact, its launch had also failed because people who were seeking for insurance found their selves impossible to sign up for an account and start looking at the plans that it was supposed to offer. Luckily, there has been a turnaround in the earlier months of 2014 which allowed the website to participate in the open enrollment and start catering to the raging needs of their customers.

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