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One of the key requirements of running a business is to ensure that all financial transactions in your daily business operations are constantly recorded and updated. What is most important however - the recording of all transactions needs to be done from Day One your business commences.

Audit services is undeniably a necessary expenditure to keep track of how well your business doing. By generating regular accounting reports of quarterly performance and monthly cash-statements - then only the success of the business are accurately measured.

No matter how small your business is, managing it is always difficult. In short, there are many challenges to handle. You constantly expand your business over time and enhance profits as much as doable to boost your confidence and keep shareholders happy. Besides proper administration and effective monetary principles, getting a professional audit is highly beneficial for any business.

Most people think that auditors are independent advisers who scrutinize your present business dealings and see whether there are any issues that need immediate attention; the main goal is to avoid any possible liabilities. Audits are of different types - commercial, financial, compliance and investigative.

Tan Chan & Partners

A chartered accountant firm in Singapore, Tan, Chan & Partners was established in 1982. We provide statutory audit, tax compliance, and specialized audit services, such as auditing for lucky draw and revenue certification amongst others.

Apart from being a one-stop business solution provider, we have a long-standing reputation for trust, integrity and efficiency in our services. Our team of highly competent professionals are experienced and regularly updated with accounting and audit standards, tax regulations and financial trends.

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