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New Setting Could Revolutionise Diamond Jewellery

A Japanese jewellery designer has recently come up with an entirely new setting for diamonds, which could revolutionise the diamond jewellery market.

Dubbed the Twinkle Setting or the Dancing Stone, this new way of embedding stones into jewellery items was presented at this year’s Hong Kong Fair, which took place in April. The reception it got was overwhelming, with critics and spectators alike being carried away by the visual effect at the heart of the setting.

The main appeal of this setting, as well as its name, comes from the way in which it gives the impression that the stone or stones at the centre of the jewel are moving. This is achieved by suspending the stone from two fine bodies, so that it never touches the wearer’s body and is instead in constant motion, creating a continuous sparkle which makes it seem as though the stone is constantly moving.

The inventor of the Twinkle setting reportedly took an entire year to make his vision reality. The idea for the Dancing Stone configuration first came to him in September 2010, but it was not until November 2011 that the first prototype came to fruition. The stand at the Hong Kong Jewellery Fair was meant to act as the setting’s official launch, and in that regard it was a resounding success, capturing the public’s attention even amongst the close to 3.500 exhibitors at the event. According to the creator of this setting, orders have already begun to pour in, both from jewellery buyers and from diamond scouts. This is even more impressive given the fact that only 10 out of the 150 pieces in the range were presented at the event in question.

The Dancing Stone collection, which is open to both ready-made and custom orders, stretches across all fields of diamond jewellery, from rings to pendants, necklaces and earrings.

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