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‘Wetlands Tour’ Could Be Alternative For Passengers Travelling To Venice

A tour of the Venetian wetlands is one of the activities proposed by leading British newspaper, The Guardian, for foreign tourists travelling to Venice.

In a piece published in the travel section of the periodical's website, a staff writer details his journey around the maze of canals and deltas that lie less than an hour's drive from the City of Canals, as well as his visits to numerous small fishing villages along the shores of that region, where visitors can get a feel for the "real" Italy.

These wetlands form part of the Venetian lagoon, and mostly lie between Venice and the equally popular beach resort of Lido de Jesolo, in the Italian litorale. According to the feature's author, however, it is well worth tourists visiting this part of the country to set their sights away from the popular resorts and opt for a tour of the lesser-known wetlands instead of travelling to Venice or Jesolo.

Some of the attractions highlighted by the author of this piece from his trip through the wetlands of the Venetian lagoon include the chance to try some authentically Italian dishes in several genuine trattorias along the way, as well as in a restaurant belonging to an agro-tourism company operating in the region. The sight of the vast sand flats known as barene, stretching as far as the eye can see, also make a leisurely guided or unguided tour of the Venetian wetlands more than worth the bother for tourists travelling to Venice, the author considers.

Despite their relatively low-key status, this maze of deltas, canals and small fishing villages was not entirely unknown up until this point. Proof of it is that, as early as 1950, the village of Caorle was featured by renowned author Ernest Hemingway in one of his works. Perhaps on account of that fame, Caorle is nowadays a modern resort, and the closest thing to a tourist town in this part of the lagoon. It may still, however, provide a respite for visitors tired of the hugely tourist-oriented atmosphere of Venice or Jesolo.

The Venetian wetlands can be visited independently or through a series of locally contracted agro-tourism agencies.

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