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New information in Bible ban case; school officials lied, says attorney

04 June, 2014: If you are a dedicated Catholic, then you will really feel that your rights are being violated if someone tells you to put away your bible. A school at Florida district has encountered this situation where a student was ordered to put away the bible he is reading. From this point alone, one can tell that may be the teacher has an issue with regards to the bible that he did not want it to be read by the student.

Asserting the right to rea/d

Right after the incident where one student is involved, attorneys from Liberty Institute, who specializes on areas that concerns the religious freedom come to the aid of the fifth-grader Giovanni Rubeo and his father Paul Rubeo. The incident happened early in April where the school teacher commanded Giovanni to put away the book he was reading. What confuses the attorney is that why would the teacher order him that way when the subject is just appropriate and when you try to consider the program at hand, you can tell that there may be something wrong with it when in fact the school is devoted for enhancing the reading of the student.

Clearing the truth behind banning of bibles

When asked about the case, the school officials lied about it saying that there is always a proper time to read books like the Bible. That there is nothing wrong in instructing the student to put it away because they don’t see that the bible is included on the list of things that are listed on Accelerated Reading Program material. The lawyers are really fighting to achieve religious freedom. They make the officials see that there are excerpts in the Bible that is included in the material. Therefore, there is no way for them to reprimand the kid for reading it. They did not buy the idea that Broward County school didn’t know that those biblical texts are included too. From almost eleven pages included, it is impossible that the teacher did not recognize even only one from it.

The agreement made between parties

Since the school has denied that they are prohibiting bibles at school, agreements where made so similar things won’t happen again. The school officials are advised to train their co-employees that they cannot just ban the bible from the program. For the fairness of everyone, that is the proposed settlement.

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