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Reroofing in West Palm Beach Offered at a Significant Discount by E-Z General & Roofing Contractors, Inc

Reroofing in West Palm Beach is now more affordable than ever thanks to a great promotion being offered by E-Z General & Roofing Inc. This summertime promotion is just in for hurricane season when Florida homeowners need roofing services the most.

That’s because a safe roof is very important during storms and especially crucial during a hurricane. While a moderate hurricane season is predicted for the upcoming months, it’s still just takes one strong storm to do damage to a home. This promotion makes it easier for homeowners to get the reroofing that they need to keep their homes safe.

This is what Ney Dias had to say about this limited time promotion:

“When you live in Florida you have to be ready for hurricanes. This is especially true if you’re a homeowner, because home maintenance is completely your responsibility. One of the larger responsibilities a homeowner faces is getting their roof ready for any storms that might pass their way. This may seem intimidating to some people, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right roofing contractor at your side.

I’m doing this reroofing promotion now, because I truly believe this is the time of the year that homeowners need it the most. No homeowner should ever delay on getting reroofing done. That’s especially true when hurricane season has just begun. This could be the one service that will make your home a lot safer during a potential storm. You just don’t want your roof falling apart with hurricane force winds outside.

Mr. Dias continues: This promotion saves new customers $200.00 off of their reroofing services. When you call to set an appointment for reroofing you’ll also get a free roofing estimate. It’s really a great deal when you think about it. You’re getting the best roofing services in West Palm Beach at a great price and your roof will be ready for hurricane season. You just can’t beat it.”

E-Z General & Roofing Contractors, Inc. is a full service roofing and general contractor service. They have over 12 years of valuable experience and a steady flow of repeat customers. They offer a full line of roofing services that includes reroofing, roof repair, corrective maintenance, proactive maintenance, and roof installation. They provide the very best roofing services at fair prices. They also pride themselves on their excellent customer service and always show up on time for their appointments. Whether a homeowner needs reroofing or a simple roof repair they can count on E-Z General because they’re experienced with all roofing systems.

This reroofing promotion is available for a limited time only. This promotion is only valid for new customers who need reroofing services and gives them a $200.00 discount on their reroofing. This promotion may not be combined with any other discounts, promotions, or sales being offered by E-Z General & Roofing Contractors Inc. One promotion per household only.

Homeowners in Florida need strong roofs during hurricane season and this promotion makes it easier to get their roof in shape. Anyone who needs reroofing in West Palm Beach should take advantage of this offer.

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