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Welshman Takes On Running and Alpine Mountain Biking Challenge

A resident of Dinas Powys, Wales, is preparing to tackle the gruelling running and Alpine mountain biking event known as the Quattrathlon, to take place later this year. 

Sponsored by leading sports equipment manufacturer Goretex, this challenge will see thirty athletes from across Europe compete in a running and Alpine mountain biking race across four countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. In total, participants in this event will cross 230km, whether on foot or on the back of mountain or road bikes, over the course of four days. 

Thirty-three year-old Jamie Harris is one of the many athletes taking part, and entering the competition has special significance to him. Should he be successful in his application, and should he manage to complete the demanding course, he would become the first Welshman to ever complete the Quattrathlon – a feat that is sure to give him not only a high level of self-satisfaction but also (potentially) some local fame. 

In order to fulfil his goal, the Dinas Powys resident must gather a sufficient number of votes on a dedicated web portal set up especially for that purpose. As he makes a point of stressing, no financial contributions are needed to help him on his way; all parties interested in seeing him compete have to do is vote on the site in question, so as to help him amass enough support. 

Smith, who works with adults with learning disabilities as a professional career, is an accomplished outdoorsman, having previously completed cycling challenges in Spain, snow-shoeing treks in the Swiss Alps and mountain hikes in Morocco, as well as a triathlon in his native Wales. This new challenge would be the next logical step in his progression as a cyclist and runner, and Smith has declared himself very excited with not only the prospect of competing and potentially completing the event, but also telling his clients about his Alpine mountain biking adventure once he returns to the British Isles. 

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