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A New Indiegogo Project is Promoting a Smart Wireless Home Management System

July 1, 2014: An Indiegogo campaign is promoting a revolutionary wireless home management system that is believed to create a safe and secure home environment. The system, known as soap, can protect homes from hackers, spies and other miscreants and can create a sense of security among the homeowners.

The project has already raised $113,440, which is remarkably 267% of the set goal of $42,500. This shows the attention it is gaining among the worldwide community. The project is open for funding for 10 more days, and it is being expected that it is going to add thousands of dollars further, to celebrate the success of this campaign.

The soap creates an intelligent touchscreen home automation router and smart command system to monitor one’s home through wired or wireless manner. It allows a homeowner to gain a control on each wireless device available at home or in the network. Thus, one can have a control on all information that can be passed through the home via these devices.

In the present times, home security is emerging as a vital issue, particularly for the working people who remain away from their homes for a significant number of hours every day. The incidences and news of hacking of devices add more to their worries. This is the reason why the new-age population is looking forward to this new technology that can keep their homes safe and they can work at their offices with a peace of mind. And this justifies the overwhelming response the project has managed to receive from the global population who are worried about their home safety.

The contribution can start at as low as just $1 and may go up to $200. At $200, one can get the complete wireless router system for home management. Once the system will hit the market, it will be available at $400. So, a $200 contributor will get the system at a %50 discount price for supporting the project. The soap system has a host of amazing features that guarantees the complete home safety. To learn more about the system and to participate in the project funding, one may follow the link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/soap-the-intelligent-touchscreen-home-automation-hub-and-router-replacement.

About Soap:

Soap is a wireless home management system that provides a user with a top-level control over everything in his network. Soap is a secure intelligent router that keeps personal data protected. It allows homeowners to control their homes from smartphones, tablets, or a Soap device. Soap gives control over all wirelessly connected devices, whether it be the garage door, lights, blinds, computers, smartphones, tablets or game consoles.

For more details about the home management system and its Indiegogo campaign, one may follow the link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/soap-the-intelligent-touchscreen-home-automation-hub-and-router-replacement.

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