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Iqbrain.com conducts online tests for IQ approximation

United States of America; 3 July, 2014: With the worldwide technological progress, students these day are equipped with better facilities for competitive examination preparation. The past generation were solely dependent on what their teachers discussed in classes. They also took help from the libraries by referring to a range of books suggested by their teachers and friends. The dawn of internet has revolutionized the lives of the population. In the recent times it offers unrivalled reliability and has also generated trust from millions of users worldwide.

Similarly, students these days have the privilege to monitor their studies preparation, progress and overall intellectual improvement. IQ test is one of the popular ways of determining the intelligence levels of students. Iqbrain.com is a website where students can practice IQ test online. The questions featuring in the test are contribution of experts who have successfully cleared professionally conducted Cattell, RPM and FRT IQ tests.

Appearing in IQ test can be extremely helpful for students looking to make improvement in their studies and overall knowledge. These tests are designed to be suggestive in nature. The test paper consists of questions up to a certain level of difficulty to measure general intelligence. Brain power of students are challenged and stretched to let them come up with their best possible performance. The scores obtained summarize the individual’s average intellectual ability to a certain extent.

Mensa is a prominent IQ society with international repute. It certifies an individual with an IQ mark depending on the person’s score in the IQ test conducted by the organisation. Students willing to improve their intellectual sharpness can practise Mensa level IQ tests via Iqbrain.com website. The users are provided with practical approximation of actual testing conditions. They are free to create personal profiles to track their intellectual progress and IQ training levels. These students can test their IQ levels from the convenience of their home. These examinations have IQ test questions devised by individuals that have obtained scores to match the Mensa IQ range.

Undertaking these tests enables the individual to get an indication of the probable question type for professionally conducted group based Mensa IQ test. The scores obtained by the users are an average approximation and not over-estimated figures. These are not hardcore facts but help the participant for recognizing the areas to improve. Children aged 14 years or more are open to try out these tests. Consistent practise of Test my IQ type questions and sample papers can assist them vastly. They will experience the pressure that would familiarize them with challenging and competitive IQ tests.

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Iqbrain.com is dedicated to assisting the students in monitoring their IQ levels. The website features online test papers to help the students recognize their potential through IQ test scores and improve accordingly.

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