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Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Sunshade Reduces Temp on Child’s Seat by as Much as 26 Degrees

18 July, 2014: A child's car seat can get blistering hot when left inside a parked car. A sunshade can prevent that from happening. 

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The National Institute of Health (NIH) has a report on a car seat heat study from Japan. That report says a child's safety seat can get as hot as 149 degrees when left for several hours in direct sun. 

"That will burn," said Neil Speight, a spokesman for Freddie and Sebbie the company behind the Car Seat Sunshade. "Imagine what can happen if you put a small child down on a surface that's 149 degrees. It's not pleasant." 

The same study also found differences in car seat temperatures based on the color of the car. Black vehicles recorded the highest temperature. 

"CS (car seats) may become very hot while a car is parked in sun, especially if the car and the CS are black, so the CS should be cooled before a young child is placed in it. Guardians of small children should be aware of this risk," the NIH reports. 

Be more than aware, Mr. Speight said. Be proactive and keep the hot sun off the car seat with a sunshade, he said. 

"You don't like sitting on a blistering hot seat and you know your children don't. Protect them," he said. 

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